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Why should I join Pinoybuilt.com if I already have an account in Facebook, Instagram, and/or Twitter?  With Facebook & Instagram, your content and visits to the site help generate revenue (advertising dollars) for Mark Zuckerberg and Facebook stockholders.  With Twitter, your content/site visits generate revenue for Jack Dorsey and Twitter stockholders.  If you do not own stock in those companies (and even if you do), why not show your Pinoy/Pinay Pride and help generate revenue for a kababayan, a Filipinx.

Do I need an account on Pinoybuilt.com? No. To comment, you can login (via the Disqus comment box at the bottom of each post) using your Facebook, Twitter or Google account.  Or go to Disqus.com to create an account manually.  Follow both our forum and our admin.

How do I join as a blogger? Fill out the contact form below. An admin will send you an invitation to create an account.  The only requirement is a Google account.

How do I post?  Pinoybuilt.com is built on Google's Blogger.  You can download the Blogger app on your Android phone. The Blogger app is no longer available on iTunes. You can post via your browser on ios devices. The best way is on your computer.

Can I post via email? Yes. Posting via email is probably the easiest for iPhone users.  After getting author permissions to the site, be sure to update your email settings.

What should I have in the post? At minimum, you should have: 1) a Post 'TITLE'; 2) a photo (or YouTube video); 3) one or two sentences in the body; 4) appropriate LABELS (all lowercase); 5) Search Description (can be the same as the body text).

How do I embed a YouTube video? When you're on the page of the YouTube video: 1) Click on SHARE; 2) Click on EMBED; 3) Copy the highlighted code (right click, then copy);
Go back to your post: 4) Click on the HTML tab (vs Compose); 5) Paste the 'embed code'; 6) Click SAVE; 7) Click on the COMPOSE tab to further edit your post.

How do I comment on a post? At the bottom of each post is the Disqus comment box.  You'll need to create a Disqus account.  You can easily create one using your Facebook, Google or Twitter account.  Follow our forum disqus.com/home/forum/pinoybuilt-com (& our founder/editor).

Can I advertise on your site?  Yes! Contact us via the form below.

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